RulesApplying a ruleCreating a rule

Creating a rule

Rules are defined in a special kind of file, a Pda Rule file, that can be created as shown in the next figure.

The rule can be applied in a (regular) pda-file by selecting the rule on the palette adjacent to the Editing pane, and placing a reference to it in the diagram. You then draw instance edges from the protocols in the diagram that serve as the rule arguments into the rule symbol.

If all instance edges are attached, double click on the rule symbol and you will get a wizard dialog that allows you to further specify the mappings of the sub-protocols that you have defined in the rule definition with (parts of) the actuals argument protocols. The mapping is done by marking parts of a protocol using a Sub-Protocol-Marker, and by connecting each of them with a sub-protocol of the rule argument using a Sub-Protocol Map Edge. The labels on the edge can be used to define mappings of terms and agents.

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Last updated: July 17, 2006
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RulesApplying a ruleCreating a rule