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General tips

Perspective On occasion you may close a pane that you then wish were open. the easiest way to return to the desired view is just to use the PdaPerspective icon in the Pdamenubar.

Arrows When you are placing arrows in a protocol derivation, you may find that Pda's graphics editor are different from others. In Pda, when you have selected either agent step, send/receive, or instance edge, you click/release first in the source box and then in the center of the target box.

Using rules @@ tips for using rules, e.g., make duplicate

Using constructors @@ to be completed

New root folder To create a new root folder, just right-click in the Browser pane to bring up the menu.

Working set @@ to be completed

Reference instance To create a reference instance ... @@ to be completed

Undo Pda provides an infinite depth of undo's. Enjoy.

Advanced Pda Preferences @@ to be completed

Last updated: July 17, 2006
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Error alertsTips for UseGeneral tips