Dr. Marcel Becker

Kestrel Institute
3260 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto
CA 94304
tel:(+1) 650-493-6871
fax:(+1) 650-424-1807

Dr. Marcel Becker has over 15 years of experience in the development and management of complex software architectures and web based services, ranging from early proof of concept prototypes to mission-critical applications.

As a Product Manager at Google, Dr. Becker lead the development and launch of several critical services and applications supporting the entire Google sales organization and the operational needs of the Android digital media store and marketplace.

As a Computer Scientist at Kestrel Institute, Dr. Becker worked on several research programs involving the automatic generation of high performance planning and scheduling systems for distributed and real-time resource management and action planning. His work was used in a number of mission-critical applications. Dr. Becker was the lead architect of Planware, an automatic planning and scheduling software generator fully implemented using Specware, Kestrel's platform for software synthesis.

Dr. Becker holds a PhD in Industrial Automation and Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University. As a graduate student, he performed research on automatic software synthesis, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and algorithms for planning and scheduling systems. As a graduate student and Research Scientist, he was the lead developer and lead architect for a number of different planning and scheduling systems developed to address the resource management and operational needs of military applications, including airlift scheduling, air campaign planning, and ground troop deployment and movement.