F6 Project


Kestrel has participated in the DARPA System F6 program for fractionated satellites (= satellites composed of free-flying modules that communicate wirelessly), as part of the Vanderbilt team.

The team has designed and implemented a novel information architecture for fractionated satellites, which includes a multi-level secure operating system, a middleware that provides facilities for high-level component interactions, a component model to build applications, and a model-based development tool.

Kestrel has contributed to the design of the security aspects of the information architecture and has used the Isabelle/HOL theorem prover to formalize and prove properties of the multi-domain security labels used by the operating system to enforce multi-level secure information flow among applications. Kestrel has also implemented a C library that provides operations to manipulate such multi-domain security labels (e.g. to perform Mandatory Access Control checks).


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